Atlanta HD Studios is a world-class recording studio designed to meet the needs of major label projects while remaining accessible and affordable to independent artists.

  • Talented Staff – Professional Engineering and Production services for projects of any scale.

  • Great Sound – An exceptionally well tuned live and control room.

No other studio in Atlanta can provide a better sounding record for less.

  • We try to work with all recording budgets, and know how to best utilize your time in the studio.

-A uniquely creative and professional environment.

The music recording studio offers the latest state of the art recording equipment in a professional facility with 3 separate recording rooms. We combine a ProTools HD recording system with classic microphones, analog preamps, compressors, equalizers, and reverbs to deliver top quality sound.

We deliver big studio sound at affordable prices Over the years we have worked on everything from hip hop to rock to RnB to folk to dance to comedy to jazz to metal to country to singer-songwriters to…